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Ketamine Infusion Treatment Monroe MI

Hope is here.

There are people that are so depressed…they suffer with suicidal thoughts, and they’re on the very edge of taking their own life…and yet they won’t tell anyone because they don’t want to be a burden to the people around them…and they don’t want to be judged or condemned for the way they feel.

Then one day it’s too late. And the people left behind are all asking the same question? Why? How did this happen?
The stories sound the same…I’ve tried all of the medications…I’ve taken every antidepressant that’s out there. Nothing helps. Nothing. And now I’m ready to give up.

Ketamine treatments gave me the ability to see and think more clearly, and side step the numerous pitfalls that come with fighting with depression. My loved ones noticed the changes as well, noting that I was more thoughtful, considerate, patient and less preoccupied. My mother said that I was the son that she always loved but just the best version of myself.


We are dedicated to providing our patients safe, individualized and medically proven therapies in a comfortable environment monitored by experienced, board-certified anesthesia providers.

Hope. Heal. Health. Begins Here

Our Medical Director, Dr. Julia Aharonov, has been recognized as one of Michigan’s top Addiction Specialists by Detroit’s Hour Magazine for over five years.

Our experienced, board-certified anesthesia providers have over thirty-years’ combined experience caring for patients. We have dedicated our lives to refining our practices and protocols to offer you the highest standard and safety level in the industry. 

Ketamine Institute of Michigan Monroe offers our treatments in an outpatient, spa-like setting using hospital-grade equipment under the caring and vigilant eye of a trained physician or nurse anesthesiologist


Evidence-Based, Highly Recognized Worldwide, As A New Breakthrough Therapy

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