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Patient Testimonial, March 2021

“To the people with depression out there that have suffered for a long time and have tried many different combinations of pills and other treatments and would, with understandable skepticism, doubt what is possible with ketamine, I would say; I know it sounds too good to be true, a treatment that works from people that care, sounds like a put on but it is very real, and truly a winning combination. If you have been fighting for as long as I have and you are tired of feeling stuck, falling behind and feeling like you’ve already lost, then you’ve got nothing to lose. You don’t have to get out of bed or commit to anything, just find the courage and make the call.

The people at Complete Ketamine truly want to help you, and if you can only muster the brave to let them try, I would say chances are me saying that “you would be pleasantly surprised” will be a statement you will look back on as probably the best example of an understatement you’ve ever heard in your life. Don’t give up. You may think you’ve tried everything, with all due respect if this treatment is news to you, you are very wrong. This treatment works in ways that may be hard to imagine, but I know it, the wonderful people at Complete Ketamine know it, and if you can find the courage to reach out to them and seek treatment with them, I am confident in time you will know it too.

You are not alone in your suffering now, and you will not be alone in your recovery before you know it. It’s just a phone call, you can do this. I believe in you, and the Complete Ketamine staff that want nothing more than to help you heal do too. Call them, reach out and give them a chance and I believe you will understand.”

This unsolicited email was received in response to our advertising on WMUZ featuring the struggles as viewed by K-Blend patients:

City: New Boston
Message: I just wanted to say thank you for standing up for those struggling with depression and not just giving the typical church answer today. Along the lines of the other points you spoke up on about why people struggling with depression don’t speak up, the most frustrating thing I see on every post from someone who has lost someone to suicide is “we had no idea they were struggling”. They often say they can’t understand how someone so positive could have done something like that without them knowing that they were struggling. But that is the exact point of depression. You may never know someone’s struggle. The majority of people who struggle will not speak about it. Because they can’t. Because they won’t. Because they don’t know how. Because they’ve been judged or not taken seriously the other times they asked for help. It sounds like you know from experience, so thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! I was so encouraged and honestly felt “heard” because of what you said. I so appreciate hearing you speak every morning on WMUZ.


The K-Blend Dictionary



The point where someone realizes they are no longer able to alter or control their behavior. Commonly thought to be related to substance abuse, but more commonly related to the depression and anxiety that results when one attempts to alter their behavior.

Treatment protocols for depression and anxiety are eerily similar to those used for patients that suffered from drug and substance abuse.  Effective treatments must include altering behavior.

Magic Eraser

Tool I use to pretend to be okay. The mask I wear on my face to hide the tears and despair. The tone I use in my voice to hide the pain and regret. The clothes I wear to keep up in fashion with those sitting next to me. That’s right, I am fine.

Medication Merry-Go-Round

This medication didn’t work but surely if I try a stronger dose, or maybe I need to take this one too so I can manage this side effect. Or maybe I really have this diagnosis and need to take this new medication that came out. Surely there is something out there that will eventually work. I just have to keep trying new pills and suffering their side effects until I find the right one!

Rock Bottom

The mythological point where someday I want to get better bad enough to overcome the thoughts in my head.

Scrambled Eggs

A loss of Control – Life in my head before the K-Blend

Untreated depression may lead to a sense of spiraling out of control.  Upon first calling the clinic it is not uncommon for callers to express a sense of quickly moving to a place beyond recovery.

Dishonest Mercy

The art of withholding the truth to protect others.  There is no point in telling the truth about my symptoms if they are not fixable and I can hide them.

Example:  After the first few treatments patients become much more honest about just how bad their depression and anxiety symptoms were before treatment.  Once someone realizes the K-blend is working, there is a sense of excitement and a desire to share the discovery.  A sense of urgency sets in as they consider others who just need to hear about this break though treatment.

In fact, most patients are waiving HIPPA privacy protections as they urgently try to reach others.  If you want to connect with someone who has overcome anxiety and depression, Call Complete Ketamine 734-605-8500.

Psych Ward

A constant threat to being honest about my depression.  If I let someone know what I am suffering with they will try to fix me, eventually they will try to commit me to some worthless program.


Once thought to be the only way to escape.  A last resort that I held at a distance just incase life becomes too much to bear and nothing ever made me better.

Patients report that suicidal thoughts and ideations are gone after a single K-Blend treatment.  By treatments two or three patients report that they cannot think about suicide even when they try.  We find that no one really wants suicide, but the lack of hope creates desperation.

Hostage Situation

The day I realized I could not escape my addiction, depression, and anxiety.  There may have been a time where I thought I could control my situation, but that was long ago, before I attempted escape.  The tangled maze in my head became more than I can control.


The get out of jail free card, ready and waiting when I cannot handle being a hostage any longer.  It was a backup if the K-Blend didn’t work.  I figured I had time to try the K-Blend before my “date”.


I think the pain came first, but today it’s the chicken or the egg.  The depression is so consuming that its hard to know which came first.

At Complete Ketamine we often find it necessary to treat the depression before we treat the pain.


A former condition that required days or weeks of mental preparation, just to complete simple tasks.  The only way to cope with my struggle is to become apathetic, if I just do not care then the problem does not have to haunt me.

10 Foot Pole

A tool to free me from the help of others. If I can keep my distance, people will quit trying to help me.  I am better suffering alone without the stress of trying to pretend to be better for everyone else.

At Complete Ketamine you will never be told that you do not want it bad enough.  Most of our patients make us their last call, which means we will take you no matter how close you are to the end of the rope or the “date”.  Many of our patients have come in to celebrate the “date” as if it’s their new birthday since being saved by the K-Blend.



The result of the help of others.  Prayer and fasting works for everyone else, but it just doesn’t work for me.  I ask God for help, but there is no help for me. The guilt that I wasted the efforts of others who tried to help.

Friends and family compound and drive depression symptoms deeper when they expect someone to “snap out of it”

We would never say hurtful things to a cancer patient.  With a cancer diagnosis the first thought is, “can the doctor cut it out?”  But, with depression we expect our friends and family to snap out of it or hit rock bottom.

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